Bunhill: Scots go Dutch in 500th year

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THE EXCUSES some people will find to have a beano.

I am indebted to the jolly interesting little journal published by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland for the revelation that number crunchers north of the border are planning to celebrate the 500th anniversary of double entry bookkeeping in March 1994.

Revelries in honour of Luca Pacioli, who came up with the idea back in the 15th century, will last an entire day and act as an appetite whetter for the second 'Festival of Accounting', which will be held in Edinburgh immediately afterwards.

In case the celebrations get too excitable, the Scots have asked Dutch colleagues along as well.

Those demons of detail from the Nederlands Institut van Registeraccountants can no doubt be relied on to keep any over-exuberant behaviour by the Scottish multiple entry-ites firmly in check.