Bunhill: Topping the City Bill

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BILL TAYLOR, the new Commissioner for the City of London police, was being a little shy when Bunhill rang up for a chat about his plans for the Square Mile this week. 'He only started the job on Tuesday so he doesn't want to say too much at the moment,' said a junior bobby.

This is a shame. What with IRA bomb threats and the ring of steel around the City, a few reassuring words would not have gone amiss from the top boy in blue.

But minions at the City police HQ in Old Jewry assure me that Taylor, a boyish 47-year- old who is fond of horseriding and hill walking, is as bright as a button. 'He's very quick, well clued up,' said one.

The jobs has its perks as well as reponsibilities, of course. And given the importance of the job, and the fact that it is taxpayers' money, perhaps everyone should know them: a salary of pounds 74,000; an unmarked police car (a Jaguar) with driver; a free flat in the City; a company truncheon; a budget of pounds 26m; an a staff of 792 uniformed officers plus 300 civilians.

When Commissioner Taylor has got his size elevens well and truly under the table, he will visit City institutions for chats on security.

A visit to Eddie George at the Bank of England is also in prospect.

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