Bunhill: Troubled banker

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IT'S been a tiresome fortnight for Martin Taylor, the new chief executive of Barclays Bank. After nine working days in the saddle, his diary looks something like this. Day two: Brighton businessman announces he was charged pounds 110 by his Barclays bank manager after he (the businessman) took said manager out to lunch and footed the bill. Day three: A survey - hotly contested by the bank - claims Barclays overcharges 43 per cent of its business customers by an average of pounds 963. Day five: Barclays announces 3,000 jobs cuts. Day seven: Barclays revealed as having big exposure to the troubled German group Metallgesellschaft. Day nine: Barclays said to have biggest exposure to risky guarantees to Lloyd's names.

Whizzkid Taylor, just 41 and famous for joining Barclays without a day's banking experience, may be wishing he'd kept it that way.