Bunhill: Virtually dormant nice little earner

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SHARE transactions seem to fascinate the public at present. None more so than those executed by Mr Simon Wharmby, the Charles Stanley broker who purchased those shares for Lord Archer.

But what of Wharmby the business man?

Wharmby, it would appear, is a wealthy man. Along with his wife and children he owns a company called Renderlord, which according to the accounts 'provides investment services'.

Investment services to whom it does not say, but it is, without doubt, a successful little operation. In 1993, the outfit turned in a profit of pounds 47,000, but that figure only tells part of the story. There are cash reserves of nearly pounds 340,000.

So what exactly does Renderlord do? Well, according to Wharmby, it is 'pretty much dormant. It is a service company into which fees are paid and it hasn't traded in shares for a long time'.

So did Renderlord buy any Anglia shares?

'No. certainly not. I've never even met Lord Archer and, as I'm sure you are aware, this whole thing was not by design. Please be a little sympathetic.'

OK, so does Renderlord deal in shares, I enquired.

'Let me see now. No it doesn't. It doesn't even have an account at Charles Stanley.'

Yes, yes, but what does Renderlord actually do? I persisted.

'I find this totally amazing. I mean, how did you find out about Renderlord? I've told you it's virtually dormant. Oh, I suppose the accounts aren't up to date, that's it, isn't it? Well, you'll have to speak to my accountant. That's the best thing.'

No, that's not it. The accounts are up to date; I just want to know what Renderlord does.

'I suppose you want to see my bank account as well, don't you.'

Yes please.