Bunhill: Wired for pounds

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TO THE Tuttle Key Arts Centre in Fulham, west London, where 25 tons of grade-A copper wire goes on display shortly.

The artist is Rupert Baker, until a year ago a director at BZW, the City stockbroker. Why 25 tons? It is the amount of copper traded in one contract on the London futures market. The copper is surrounded by 11 canvases bearing such slogans as 'Selling art is like selling root beer', from Sotheby's Alfred Taubmann, and a British Rail sign, supposedly symbolising the BR pension fund's investment in art.

'It signifies the way that art is viewed just like any other commodity in the financial world,' Mr Baker tells me.

After Fulham, the show goes to New York, where the copper will be replaced by 100 barrels of oil. After that, Japan, where he hopes to display a freezer full of pork bellies . . .