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Business and City in Brief

British Data Management, pre-tax profit pounds 4.6m ( pounds 4m) for year to 30 June. Dividend 5.4p (4.75p).

Claremont Garments, taxable profit pounds 5.2m for interim to 2 July ( pounds 4.4m). Dividend 4p (3.6p).

Conrad Ritblat, taxable profit pounds 1.2m (loss pounds 184,000). Div 0.5p (nil).

Delta, taxable profit pounds 30.6 ( pounds 29.1m) for year to 2 July. Div 4.3p (4.2p).

Everest Foods, pre-tax profit pounds 1.1m ( pounds 2.1m), year to May. Div 2.5p (3.7p).

John Haggas, pre-tax profit pounds 2.7m, year to June ( pounds 2.9m). Div 3p (same).

Owen & Robinson (retailer), pre-tax loss pounds 1.5m (loss pounds 1.6m). No div.

Interim results to 30 June

Blagden Industries (drum maker), taxable profit pounds 780,000 ( pounds 3.04m). No div (1.5p).

Charles Baynes (engineer), taxable profit pounds 5.6m ( pounds 3.3m). Dividend 0.7p (0.6p).

Clyde Petroleum, post-tax profit pounds 2.2m (loss pounds 16.2m). Div 0.35p.

Crestacare, pre-tax profit pounds 2.4m (loss pounds 1.4m). Div 0.26p (0.25p).

Crockfords (casino), taxable profit pounds 8.1m ( pounds 15m). Div 2p (1.9p).

Cussins Property, pre-tax profit pounds 1.1m ( pounds 667,000). Div 1.4p (1p).

James Finlay (plantations), pre-tax profit pounds 4.9m ( pounds 3.8m). Div 2p (same).

Goal Petroleum (oil and gas), taxable profit pounds 3.5m ( pounds 4.9m). No div.

International Business Communications (conferences), pre-tax profit pounds 4.9m ( pounds 1.37m). Div 1.5p (nil).

Mayborn (packaging), taxable profit pounds 2.1m ( pounds 1.9m). Div 2p (1.8p).

Mid States (car parts), taxable profit pounds 3.3m ( pounds 2.6m). No div (0.75p).

Perkins Food, pre-tax profit pounds 10.1m (same). Div 1.75p (same).

Trinity International, taxable profit pounds 10.9m ( pounds 9.4m). Div 3.3p (3p).

United Friendly (insurance), taxable profit pounds 13.6m ( pounds 6.1m). Div 6.1p (5.5p).