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Pharmakopius, an international healthcare research and development consultancy, is planning to come to the stock market shortly through a pounds 5m to pounds 10m share placing. It is expected the Reading-based firm will have a price tag of between pounds 15m and pounds 20m.


Barclays Bank declined to comment on weekend reports that it was raising its target for branch job cuts from 18,000 to 21,000 over five years, implying 5,000 job losses by 1996. Bifu, the banking workers union, said that if true, the news would take morale at Barclays 'through the floor'.

TODAY 10.1.94

Interims: Barrow Hepburn Gp, Ellis & Everard, Investment Co, Nobo Gp, Tomkins

Finals: Aberdeen Trust, Dragon Oil, Thomas French & Sons, Merchants Trust (Q3), Treatt, Tribune Newspapers

AGMs: MMT Computing, McLeod Russel Hldgs, Queens Moat Houses, Save & Prosper Linked

EGMs: Birse Gp, Bowthorpe, Business Technology, Europe Energy

Economic Statistics: Credit business (Nov), balance of visible trade (Oct)

TOMORROW 11.1.94

Interims: Debenham Tewson, Hollas Gp, Howden Gp, Jacques Vert, PSIT, Savills, VHE Hdgs

Finals: Dewhurst, Hawtin, M&W, Quality Care Homes, Watson & Philip

AGMs: Carr's Milling Inds, Rand Mines

EGMs: Regal Hotel Gp

WEDNESDAY: 12.1.94

Interims: Birkdale Gp, Bromsgrove Inds, Dudley Jenkins, Fleming Geared Income, Goode Durrant, Property Trust, J Saville Gordon, David S Smith Hdgs

Finals: First Leisure Corp, First National Finance, Irish Continental, M&W, Southern Business Gp

AGMs: AG Hdgs, MJ Gleeson Gp, Manakin Hdgs

EGMs: Hoskins, Multitrust

THURSDAY 13.1.94

Interims: Matthew Clarke, Cray Electronic Hdgs, Jones Stroud Hdgs, Kelt Energy, Wyko Gp

Finals: A Kershaw & Sons, Microgen Hdgs, Neotronics Technology, Rank Org, Securicor, Security Services, TSB Gp

AGMs: Foreign & Colonial PEP

EGMs: Amber Day Hdgs

FRIDAY: 14.1.94

Interims: Surrey Gp

Finals: Eurocamp

AGMs: Anglo Irish Bank, Bellway, Enviromed

EGMs: Pantheon