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BT accused of abusing power

Amstrad, Audioline, Betacom and Geemarc, all producers of fixed line telephone equipment, have complained to Oftel, the industry watchdog, that British Telecommunications is abusing its market power in the operation of its own telephone equipment business, ASB.

The complaint includes allegations of cross-subsidy in production and retailing, a lack of transparency between BT and ASB, exclusion of competitors' products in supply and wholesale pricing below cost.

Coal mine to reopen

The quoted British coal group RJB Mining is to reopen Rossington Colliery near Doncaster. Initially around 100 local former Rossington miners will be given jobs with more to follow as production builds up.

TODAY 21.3.94

UK cross-border acquisitions and mergers, non-EU trade (Feb).

Finals: Argos, Astec (BSR), Avonside Group, BPP Holdings, Lucas Industries, Pendragon, Wilson Bowden.

TOMORROW: 22.3.94

US merchandise trade (Jan), Federal Open Market Committee meeting.

Finals: Appleyard Group, Bowater, BSG International, Derwent Vlley Holdings, Iceland Group, Mayborn Group, Metalrax Group, Prudential Corporation, Trinity International, UDO Holdings, UK Safety.

Interims: Dorling Kindersley.

WEDNESDAY: 23.3.94

UK retail prices (Feb), institutional investment (fourth qtr), US durable good orders (Feb).

Finals: Aspen Communications, Barratt Developments, Bowthorpe, Britannic Assurance, W Canning, Devro International, Kingfisher, Lasmo, Lex Service, NFC (first qtr), North Sea Assets, Whatman.

THURSDAY: 24.3.94

UK National accounts (fourth qtr), balance of payments (fourth qtr), capital expenditure (fourth qtr revised), stocks and work in progress (fourth qtr revised).

Finals: Booker, Bridon, Cattles Holdings, Frost Group, Geest, Hepworth, John Laing, William Morrison, Reckitt & Colman, Slough Estates, Sun Alliance, United Newspapers, Wellcome.

Interims: M J Gleeson.

FRIDAY: 25.3.94

CBI monthly trends (May).

Finals: Macallan Glenlivet, Newman Tonks.