Business and City Summary

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TODAY: 9.8.93

Credit business (Jun); producer price index, July (Prov).

Interims: CCS, French Property Trust, Govett, Thailand Int Fund, Vektra. Finals: Mid Wynd Intl Inv Trust, Westminster Health Care

AGM: Ensor Hldgs.

EGM: Blackland Oil.

TOMORROW: 10.8.93

Bank advances (Apr-Jun).

Interims: Allied Irish Banks, Bensons Crisps, BOC (Q3), BPP Hldgs, British Airways (Q1), Edinburgh Oil & Gas, General Accident, Huntingdon Intl (Q3), Manchester Ship Canal, New Ireland Hldgs, Practical Inv Co (2nd interim), River and Merc Geared Cap (Div) Saatchi & Saatchi.

Finals: Howard Hldgs, Pifco Hldgs, Rexmore.

AGMs: Castings, Critchley Gp, Equity Consort, Evans of Leeds, Mansfield Brewery.


WEDNESDAY: 11.8.93

Index of production, Scotland (Q1)

Interims: Commercial Union, Hambros Currency Fund, Holliday Chemical, Kleinwort Overseas Inv, Metal Bulletin, Novo Nordisk, Schroder Split Fund (2nd int), SKF Gp, Ward Hldgs.

Finals: Armitage Brothers, English & Caledonian Inv, Hambros Eurobond & Money.

AGMs: Europe Energy, Mountview, Martin Currie, Midlands Electricity, Mountview Estates, Norweb.

THURSDAY: 12.8.93

Production industry output (June); labour market statistics; capital issues and redemptions (July).

Interims: Ayrshire Metal Products, Blagden Indust, CSC Inv Tst, City Merchant High Yield, English & Scottish Inv (div), Fulcrum Inv Tst (2nd int), Johnson Gp Cleaners, Micro Focus, Shires High Yielding Smaller Cos Tst, Standard Chartered, Foreign & Colonial Inv, Relyon Gp, Royal Insurance, Sleepy Kids, Smith & Nephew, Thomson Corp, Thornton Pan Euro Inv Tst (AMD), Transatlantic Hldgs.

Final: MosaicInvs.

AGMs: Investment Co, Somic. EGM: Widney.

FRIDAY: 13.8.93

National Food survey; usable steel production (July).

Interims: F&C Ent Tst, Haden Maclellan, Malaya Gp, Unilever.

EGM: Business Technology Gp.