Business and City Summary

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ANZ in India ANZ International Merchant Banking is to arrange dollars 650m of offshore debt and equity financing for three private-sector power station projects in India. Rolls- Royce recently won the pounds 660m contract to build the three coal and gas-fired stations.

TODAY: 6.12.93

Credit business (Oct).

Interims: Acal, Avesco, DC Cook Hdgs, Crown Eyeglass, CRT Gp, de Morgan Gp, East Surrey Hdgs, Hadleigh Inds, IWP Int, King & Shaxson, Leigh Interests, Marling Inds, Northern Ireland Electricity, Oriflame Int, Scottish & Newcastle, Smith St Aubyn, Upton & Southern, Vega Group, Whitecroft.

Finals: Airtours, API Gp, Dobson Park Inds, Electronic Data Processing, Faber Prest, Westland Gp.

AGMs: Bolton Gp, Gartmore European Inv, Paterson Zochonis, Scottish Asian Inv Co.

EGMs: Harmony Leisure, Hemingway Props, Pilot Inv Trust, Wyevale Garden Centres.

TOMORROW: 7.12.93

Cyclical Indicators (Oct).

Interims: Allied Colloids, Atkins Gp, Border TV, BSS Gp, Charter, Chubb Security, Creighton's Naturally, Drummond Gp, Evans of Leeds, Joseph Hoyle & Son, Lister & Co, M&G Second Dual Trust, Midlands Electricity, Morris Ashby, Northern Investors Co, Northumbrian Fine Foods, Oceonics Group, Martin Shelton, Siebe, Sims Food Gp, Smith New Court, South Wales Electricity, Stagecoach Hdgs, Taunton Cider, John Tams Gp, Templeton Emerging Markets, Wellman.

Finals: AG Hdgs, Apollo Metals, Archimedes Inv Trust (2nd int div), Associated British Engineering, Creston, Eldridge Pope & Co, Eurocopy, Fleming Mercantile Inv Trust (Q3), Holmes & Marchant, National Home Loans, Sturge Hdgs, Tunstall Gp.

AGMs: Air London Int, Greyfriars Inv, James Halstead Gp, Kleinwort Development Fund, Photo-Me Int, Prestwick Hdgs, River & Mercantile Extra Income, Wescol Gp.

EGM: Volvo AB.

WEDNESDAY: 8.12.93

Interims: Airsprung Furniture, Asprey, BTP, Caffyns, Courts, Deelkraal Gold Mining, Doornfontein Gold Mining, Driefontein Cons, East Midlands Electricity, Feedback, In Shops, Jos Hdgs (Q1), Kloof Gold Mining, Mansfield Brewery, Rolfe & Nolan, Sterling Publishing, TGI.

Finals: Allders, Avon Rubber, Blick, Brazilian Inv Trust, Countryside Props, Gold Fields Coal (div), Granada Gp, Greenalls Gp, McCarthy & Stone, New Zealand Inv Trust, NFC, Prospect Inds, River Plate & General Inv, Sage Gp, Shaftesbury, United Drug.

AGMs: James Dickie, Power Corp, UDO Hdgs, Barry Wehmiller Int.

THURSDAY: 9.12.93

Interims: Birkby, Break for the Border, Enterprise Computers, Equity Consort Inv Trust, Eve Gp, Fine Art Devs, Great Universal Stores, Hartstone Gp, Hicking Pentecost, Lazard High Income Trust (div), London Int Gp, Lyons Irish Hdgs, Moorgate Inv Trust, Moorgate Smaller Co, North West Water, Pilkington (div), Christian Salvesen, Scantronic Hdgs, Scottish Hydro-Electric, Seeboard, TR Technology.

Finals: Compass Gp, Drayton Recovery Trust, Gold Fields Coal, Grainger Trust, Johnson & Firth Brown, Kleeneze Hdgs, Murray Enterprise, Premier Land, Titon Hdgs, Turkey Trust, Western Selection.

AGMs: Gaelic Resources, Int Communication & Data, Manganese Bronze, Tuskar Resources, Wardle Storeys.

FRIDAY: 10.12.93

Balance of visible trade (Sept).

Interims: Abtrust New Dawn Inv Trust, Albrighton, Andrews Sykes, Attwoods (Q), Booth Inds, Brown & Tawse, Fuller Smith & Turner, Norweb, Quiligotti, Syltone, Welsh Water.

Finals: Carr's Milling Inds, Reed Executive (Q3), Villers Gp, Wolverhampton & Dudley.

AGMs: Associated British Foods, Attwoods, McKechnie, Molyneux Estates, Pressac Hdgs, Tepnel Diagnostics, Wolseley.

EGM: Banner Homes.