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Pay deductions similar in Europe

Research by the OECD suggests that overall differences in the proportion of take-home pay and benefits for workers in Europe's three main economies are not great.

An average British production worker with a two-child family pays 14.8 per cent of gross earnings in tax, compared with 1 per cent in France and 8.3 per cent in Germany. But the British worker only pays 7.6 per cent in social security contributions. The equivalent percentage for France is 18 per cent and for Germany 18.3 per cent.

Badgerline hunted

The placing and offer of shares in Badgerline, the bus company, was 1.7 times oversubscribed.


US Treasury Budget (Oct), German money supply (Oct), French balance of payments (Jul).

Interims: Allen, Babcock, Bakyrchik Gold, British Inv Trust, James Cropper, EMAP, Hewetson, Kenwood Appliances, Shires Investment, South Staffs Water, Worthington.

Finals: Creston, Diploma, Schroder Split Fund (3rd interim div), Shani Group.


OPEC meeting in Vienna.

Interims: Allied-Lyons, Applied Holographics, Falcon Holdings, Marston Thompson, Northern Foods, NSM, Readicut Intl, Sterling Industries, Tex Holdings, Thorn EMI, Vodafone Group.

Finals: Anglo Irish Bank, ASEA AB, Capital Radio, Cosalt, Foreign & Colonial Emerging Inv, Stratagem, Unigroup.


UK construction orders (Sep).

Interims: ABI Leisure Group, Alba, City of London PR Group, Lowndes Lambert Group Holding, ML Holdings, Osborne & Little, Platignum, Powergen, Wagon Industrial Holdings, Warnford Investments.

Finals: Concentric, Dunedin Worldwide Inv, Goodhead Group, Kwik Save Group, Leveraged Opportunity, Tate & Lyle, Yeoman Investment Trust.


UK new vehicle registrations (Oct), energy trends (Sep).

Interims: AAH, BPB Industries, Cater Allen Holdings, Chloride Group, John Foster & Son, GEI International, Hazlewood Foods, Macdonald Martin Distillers, Multitone Electronics, National Grid Company, National Grid Holding, Powell Duffryn, Scottish Power, Shanks and McEwan Group, South West Water, Wah Kwong Shipping.

Finals: Cantab Pharmaceuticals (Q3), China Inv & Dev Fund, Kinta Kellas (Q3), Morland & Co, Quadramatic, Tomkinsons.


US existing home sales (Oct), US bank credit (Oct), CBI monthly trends (Nov), British banks' mortgage lending (Oct) - new series.

Interims: Dart, NEC Corp, OMI International, Vistec.

Finals: Bank of Nova Scotia (div), Clyde Blowers, Scottish Investment Trust.