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Unemployment in London will rise to more than 500,000 in 1994, according to the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which forecast 100,000 more jobs losses in the next two years.


The Kuwait Investment Office lost dollars 5bn in Spain, according to Nasser al-Rudha, Kuwait's finance and planning minister. Earlier this month the KIO's Spanish holding company, Torras group, said the losses had exceeded dollars 4bn since 1987.


National Commercial Bank, which last week received writs claiming dollars 10.5bn of damages over the BCCI affair, said it would countersue, accusing the BCCI liquidators, Touche Ross, of 'cheap allegations'. NCB, Saudi Arabia's biggest bank, claimed the lawsuit had no legal merit.


Jaguar said it was 'almost certain' to produce its new X200 car in the UK, denying a weekend report that it might be made in Germany.

TODAY: 14.12.92

Third-quarter figures for household food consumption.

Interims: Berkeley Group, British Bio-technology Group, Eliza Tinsley, Pelican Group, Southend Property, Tiphook.

Finals: Electronic Data Processing, Polar, Richards.

Shareholder meetings: New Frontiers Developlment, International Communication & Data, Seton Healthcare, Sheriff Holdings.

TOMORROW: 15.12.92

CBI survey of distributive trades, third-quarter company liquidity, November producer price index.

Interims: Abtrust New Dawn Investment Trust, Birkby, Brasway, Courts (Furnishers), Creighton's Naturally, Ferranti Intnl, Fleming Income & Capital, Halma, Southern Electric, Southern Water, Triplex Lloyd.

Finals: Dartmoor Investment Trust, Greencore, Hardys & Hansons, Hoskyns, YJ Lovell, Midlands Radio, Sanderson Electronics.

Shareholder meetings: Drayton Asia, Glasgow Income Trust, Scottish National Trust, Scottish Value Trust, Wellcome.

WEDNESDAY: 16.12.92

Public sector borrowing requirement and retail sales for November.

Interims: Bristol Water Holdings, Seeboard, Northern Electric, Wentworth International.

Finals: Alvis, Baggeridge Brick, Chemring, Daily Mail & General Trust, Group Development Capital, Haemocell, Yeoman Investment Trust.

Shareholder meetings: Chemex International, William Low, Tamaris, Surrey Group.

THURSDAY: 17.12.92

Provisional unemployment figures for November, productivity, vehicle production figures.

Interims: Abtrust Preferred Income Trust, Bromsgrove Industries, Danae Investment Trust, First Technology, Gold Greenlees Trott, Learmonth & Burchett, MS International, Optometrics Corporation, TGI, Tinsley Robor, Wessex Water, Yorkshire Electricity

Finals: Acatos & Hutcheson, Barcom, JA Devenish, Gestetner, GWR Group, Shoprite.

Shareholder meetings: Bett Bros, British Assets Trust, Lowland Investment, Majedie Investment Trusts, J Smart & Co, Waterglade International.

FRIDAY: 18.12.92

CBI monthly trends, building society figures for November, Uk balance of payments for the third quarter.

Interims: Asda, Electric & General Investment Company, Forminster, Jones & Shipman

Finals: Bankers Investment Trust, Brunner Investment Trust, KLeen-E-Ze Holdings, Kleinwort Charter Investment Trust, Sycamore Holdings.

Shareholder meetings: Albert Fisher Lowland Investment, Aegis, John Jacobs.