CADCentre team wins business game

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THE WINNER of the 1992 UEA Business and Investment Game, announced on Saturday, was a team from CADCentre, a computer-aided design company.

The team, consisting of Pete Campbell, Mike Sever, Nick Wagg and Dugald Wilson, ended the game, which is sponsored by Norwich Union in association with the Independent, with a notional pounds 9.87m. This was pounds 47,000 ahead of the runner-up, GMC, a group from London.

Engineering consultants Knight Piesold from Ashford were in third place.

A group of teenagers from the South-east Essex VI Form College in Benfleet came fifth. The college has been successful in the game on two previous occasions.

The plate competition, a consolation round for those who did not excel in the main game, was won by Stephen Leadbetter from Stevenage, who is unemployed. Despite playing on his own he ended the game with a notional pounds 12.66m.

Teams from industrial companies, noticeable by their absence from the final of the main game, came second and third.

They were from Hunslet Transportation Projects and Rover Group in Oxford. Anyone wanting to take part in next year's games should contact David Ward, Business and Investment Management Game, University of East Anglia, Norwich, NR4 7TJ.

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