Cashpoints: Cover for those with everything

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Liverpool Victoria friendly society has a new household insurance package which rates homes precisely by location. This "cherry picking" approach means Liverpool Victoria guarantees that low-risk customers will not subsidise those at higher risk. The company also claims that it will tailor the premium to exactly the right amount of contents cover so you won't be under-insured. Call 0800 680 690.

Private health insurer WPA now offers a full range of policies that allow you to move from one scheme to another without penalty. For example, you could start off with the budget Poplar scheme and move up to a more comprehensive Rowan policy if your circumstances improve. A Rowan deal covers all in-patient treatment and up to pounds 250 per year in out-patient consultations. A married couple aged 35 to 39 would pay pounds 36.48 for a Poplar policy and pounds 65.66 for Rowan. Call 0500 414243.

Price Waterhouse's pocket tax guide is free and covers everything you need to know for the 1998/9 tax year. Call 0171-939 2117 or pick up the text from the PW website at

You should have slightly more protection against rogue mortgage brokers from now on. Lenders won't accept any business from intermediaries who have not registered to follow the Mortgage Code, which outlines standards of good practice for the industry. Although the code has no legal teeth, firms that sign up have to offer access to a free complaints procedure if something goes wrong. Call 01782 216300 for details.