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Things did not go entirely to plan when Christopher Foster, the cherubic director of property group Wiggins, decided to venture on to the golf course during his winter break in the poor but sunny island of Antigua. He paid his green fees, hired a set of clubs and strode out confidently to the first tee. After pinging his drive down the centre of the first fairway (he has a handicap of two), he passed the driver back to his local caddie who, to the Englishman's surprise, took the club and advance d to the tee himself. "Oh, I see, you're playing as well, are you?" enquired the bemused property man.

It turned out that the willing caddie was actually the club professional who apparently is so worried about guests pinching the club's only set of golf clubs that he insists on keeping a beady eye on whoever takes them out.

To add insult to injury, the professional then proceeded in playing the course to par, beating Mr Foster convincingly. "I think he gave me a dud putter," he moans.