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James Millar, the former chairman and chief executive of Wm Low, the Scottish supermarket operator that was carted off in Tesco's trolley last summer, has fixed himself up with a little part-time number. Mr Millar is to become non-executive chairman of Vision Group, a Scottish, technology company that is seeking stock market listing.

Joining him on the board will be Hermann Hauser, best known as the boffin who founded Acorn Computers.

In between holidays on his 36ft motor-cruiser Sunset Touch, Mr Millar has been pottering about in his old office in Dundee, which was loaned him by Tesco chief Sir Ian MacLaurin.

Greg Dyke, the former LWT man who now heads Pearson TV, is well known for his love of football. Yesterday his passion apparently got the better of him. At Pearson's results meeting yesterday the bearded dynamo only stayed for half an hour, answered questions tersely and then scarpered to watch a footie match. Or at least this is what Lord Blakenham, the Pearson chief told the assembled throng.

In fact Mr Dyke was heading off to another job. He is currently completing a series of sports progammes for Channel Four and yesterday had to go racing.

Michael Page, the financial recruitment specialist that yesterday announced a 124 per cent rise in pre-tax profits to £8.6m, is bringing in new blood to its boardroom. Out goes 70-year-old Lord Rippon, to be replaced by fellow Tory stalwart Lord Wakeham. Sticking with the party was not deliberate, insisted chief executive Terry Benson. The Government's former Mr Fixit was "first and foremost a businessman, a chartered accountant, well respected in Europe - and younger than Lord Rippon." Not that much younger - Lord Wakeham is 62. He joins as a non-executive director next week and becomes chairman in May.

There will be a distinct sense of dj vu at the Broomball finals at the Broadgate Centre in the City tomorrow. The final is between the same teams as last year, the IBJ Moosemen and the Lasmo Oilers. So far only one team, the "Flip Flops" from Godsell Astley & Pearce have breached the Moosemen's defence - so don't expect a high scoring game.