Ben Chu: Will we ever get closure on the European issue?

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Davos Outlook Sweeping through the Davos congress centre it was hard to find anyone with a kind word to say for David Cameron's big European referendum speech.

"Britain needs to be at the European Union table," one UK bank boss told me. "It's another reason to postpone investment decisions and we need people to invest," was the verdict of Sir Martin Sorrell. But I did find one dissenter. Or at least one person who was ambivalent.

Adi Godrej, the Indian industrialist, has UK interests, as the owner of Keyline Brands, which manufactures soaps and shampoo. "It doesn't matter to my business one way or another, but I do wish they would just sort out their relationship."

Will Mr Cameron's referendum, even if it happens, deliver that closure? Keep on dreaming.