Business Diary: Cheating bankers stray in house

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Bankers became public enemy number one during the credit crisis. They can expect even more opprobrium at home after an extraordinary survey carried out for Here is the City. From the poll of almost 2,000 male and female bankers, 72 per cent admitted to having "at least one affair", the overwhelming majority of which involved a work colleague. The survey found that, surprise surprise, a male banker was four times more likely to cheat than a female counterpart. Among the other choice nuggets, 37 per cent of the men decided on an affair as it was "cheaper than a divorce", and 24 per cent said they strayed because their wife now reminded them of their mother.

M&S 'magic' as bulge disappears

So with all the boozing and barbecuing over the Easter weekend, it looks like the British nation has taken precautions to battle the bulge. Rather than cutting down on the carbs, it seems concealment is more in order. M&S said sales of its "tummy tuck swimwear" has more than doubled, selling 55,000 items in a couple of weeks. The high-street stalwart has also done well from its "Nearly Naked" lingerie, designed not to hide body parts but disappear under clothing. As Paul Daniels would say: "Now that's magic."

Bojo gets his sums wrong on Fortnum

London Mayor Boris Johnson appeared on BBC's Question Time in April wringing his hands over the £15,000-worth of damage at Fortnum & Mason carried out by UKUncut protesters. Yet last week London Assembly member Navin Shah pointed out that the store itself had said damage was minimal. So was Bojo contrite? Er, no. "The point that I was making was that the occupation ... was pure vandalism," he replied, ignoring the question completely.

Ryanair's O'Leary grounded by gags

Michael O'Leary was in traditionally robust form yesterday, criticising airport officials for rushing to ground flights in response to more rumblings from Iceland's volcanoes.

The humorists were out in force in response as a Ryanair spokesman said the ash cloud was going nowhere near any major airports. As one tweeting BBC wag pointed out, that was "just like Ryanair".