David Prosser: Don't sneer at Nokia's chief executive

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Outlook Stephen Elop: a paragon of leadership or a David Brent for our time? Well, let's put it this way: the extended "burning platform" metaphor with which the Nokia boss has been regaling his staff was so excruciating in places that technology bloggers at first assumed it was a spoof, rather than a genuine leak. No prizes for literary prowess.

Still, what jumps out of Mr Elop's memo is his frustration about the way Nokia does not seem to have woken up to the way in which it is throwing away what was once a dominant position in the mobile phone market. You might characterise it as theequivalent of throwing a bucket of cold water over his staff.

Good for him. This is a chief executive prepared to tell his staff how it is. And his diagnosis of Nokia's problems in on the money.