David Prosser: Life after a career running Tesco

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Outlook A small part of me can't help feeling a little disappointed that Sir Terry Leahy's first high-profile appointment after his departure from the chief executive's office at Tesco is as an adviser to an American private equity investor (though at least it is one with the sense to hire people with operational business experience as well as former bankers).

For an executive who led Tesco with such distinction while rejecting most of the trappings of corporate success that many of his peers so enjoyed, private equity just feels rather predictable – maybe even a little unambitious.

Still, this is a part-time role, so even discounting the time SirTerry will no doubt want to put aside to support his beloved Everton, he should have the capacity to take on other roles.

A Government that has been quick to ask senior business figures to do their bit for the Big Society ought to be able to find a role for the former Tesco boss – maybe something education-related, where he has been outspoken.