David Prosser: Welcome return to Lloyds for Horta-Osario?

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Outlook Good luck and good health to Antonio Horta-Osorio, who it seems is now well enough to return to the chief executive's office at Lloyds. The bank is certainly in need of his services, as are the taxpayers still sitting on sizeable losses on their stake in Lloyds.

However, this episode ought to prompt some soul-searching among business leaders and all of us who follow them. First, are organisations taking workplace stress – at whatever level – seriously? Second, has Mr Horta-Osorio felt compelled to return to work prematurely because of some of the hysteria about the impact his condition is having on the leadership of Lloyds? And third, would we have had that sort of hysteria if he had been forced to take time out due to a serious physical illness, rather than the nervous exhaustion he was suffering?

Only the man himself knows about the second of those questions, but to one and three, the answer is no.