James Moore: Short-term fixes are so much fun for America's politicians

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Outlook America's law makers are once again engaging in posturing and horse trading over budgets and spending in an attempt to avoid another government shutdown.

They'll no doubt do a deal, although only after their desire for TV coverage and column inches has been satisfied. And it'll no doubt be a short-term fix that'll have us here again in a few months.

Hard decisions on tax and spending are going to have to be made eventually, but US politicians seem in no mood to contemplate them just yet. Being the centre of attention every few months is so much more fun.

If it amounts to "kicking the can down the road," as Mark Carney, Governor of Bank of England said yesterday in a TV interview, then so be it.

They're certainly not likely to change tack on the advice of a Canadian alumnus of Goldman Sachs turned boss of the Brits' central bank.