Jim Armitage: A chance for Boris Island to go bang once and for all

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Outlook Say what you like about Boris Johnson, his survival skills in the political jungle make fellow Old Etonian Bear Grylls look a wimp.

Which is why his dogged attachment to the vainglorious, eccentric bauble of Boris Island seems so peculiar. Barely anybody in the world thinks it's a good idea. Even that other multi-billion transport project, HS2, has some supporters. To construct an entirely new landmass, with built-from-scratch transport infrastructure linking it to the rest of the country is, to use a Boris word, potty – particularly when Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted are already there, and especially at a cost of £60bn.

Boris, an intelligent chap for all that bumbling exterior, must be aware of this. He's just too proud to lose face. But now, Centrica has done him a favour with its deal to fill the neighbouring Isle of Grain with millions of tonnes of high explosives – a big, flashing bull's-eye for terrorists. Not a good idea next to an airport. While crying 'elf and safety may go against the Johnson grain, he should seize this dignified excuse and withdraw from battle.