Jim Armitage: Land Rover's sales drive with pimp-your-ride

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Outlook Super-luxury is still the key to success in our recession-prone country. Visit any of its posher towns and you see the evidence. Swank boutiques, antique emporia, sailing/hunting/horsey shops. The very wealthy are still here, and still spending. But the clearest sign of the moneyed environ is the presence of the Land Rover.

The carmaker has been missing a trick, though, at the super-rich end of its customer base, where footballers and oligarchs have been paying specialist engineers such as Overfinch to pimp their rides. Now it has moved its boss John Edwards to the new position of 'managing director of individual products', to loosen the wallets of its richest few percent of customers by offering customisation. Other firms in Britain's Cheltenhams and Salcombes might consider following suit. Fools and their money, and all that.