New website could be an idea whose time has come


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OUTLOOK: By some estimates as many as 12 per cent of Britons have some kind of disability, which begs a question: Why is so little being done to tap what is a potentially huge market.

Perhaps the answer is a lack of visibility. Getting out and about with an impairment of any kind is challenging but Euan MacDonald aims to change that. 

His newly launched provides a form for disabled people and their friends and family to upload reviews of any venue they care to write about.

If this results in improvements, and there are plenty of venues that could surely use them, you might just start seeing a few more wheelchairs, sticks, and other disability aids out and about. It could be the trigger for entrepreneurs and businesses to look to their laurels. 

As for Mr MacDonald, who suffers from motor neurone disease, he’s secured endorsements from no less than Sir Stephen Hawking and JK Rowling. This could be an idea whose time has come. One of the philanthropic activities of the aforementioned Sir Stelios is putting up an award for disabled entrepreneurs. Mr MacDonald should on his watch list.