Nick Goodway: Look out, HSBC's called in the crime-busters

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Outlook Bang. Crash. Clunk … the sound of doors being slammed shut at HSBC long after the Mexican cocaine-dealing money launderers have fled.

Just look at the advisers to the newly created and snappily entitled Financial System Vulnerabilities Committee. These include the former head of the UK's Serious Organised Crime Agency Bill Hughes, the former head of HMRC Dave Harnett, and former FCO counter-terrorism expert Nick Fishwick. Be afraid, be very afraid.

There are no details of what these top crime-busters will be paid for attending at least four meetings a year. Of course, in relation to last year's record $1.9bn, a few grand a year to such elite advisers is but a mere bagatelle.

And don't forget former US deputy attorney general Jim Comey Jnr, as a new non-executive director. I'm sure he will be worth every penny of his £125,000 fees when it comes to smoothing things with the Feds next time.