Simon English: Will Tucker show new boy Carney the ropes?

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Outlook Spare a thought for Paul Tucker, who had every reason to think he was a shoo-in to replace Sir Merv at the helm of the Bank of England, an institution he understands as well as anyone.

Watching him grit his teeth through a press conference yesterday it was hard not to think that he wished himself to be anywhere but there.

He seems a stoic sort, so will bounce back from the disappointment that Mark Carney got the job that probably should have been his.

Now, if Mr Tucker were a small man, he'd make a point of not telling Mr Carney the five things he needs to know about the Bank that no one else is going to tell him.

That's part of the risk the Chancellor took in appointing an outsider, that the memories and skills of the insiders would waltz out of the door or simply clam up.

Mr Tucker's too big to be anything other than entirely gracious. Probably.