Simon Read: Many families will be left with heating bills they can’t afford following massive energy price hikes


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With almost all the Big Six energy companies having now announced massive hikes in prices just ahead of the onset of the bitter winter weather, many families will be left with heating bills they can’t afford.

But while the most vulnerable will really be forced to choose between heating or eating, for many there are more positive actions to be taken.

They key thing to do is check wither there is a better energy deal available. The gap between the cheapest and highest current energy tariffs is more than £300 so if you haven’t changed supplier or tariff recently, you could more than offset the £100 or so hike in prices by switching.

It’s also worth looking at fixed deals which last into 2014, to avoid facing the strong possibility that prices will soar again in winter 2013.

But there are also government handouts to help with making your home more energy efficient to cut the cost of bills.

Proper insulation, for instance, can cut costs considerably. Find out more at