Tesco's new chief executive happy to take brutal decisions needed to turn around retail supertanker


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When chief executive Dave Lewis took the decision early on in his Tesco career to suspend four, and later eight directors, there were some seriously raised eyebrows about the drastic nature of the move.

But as revealed today, it seems his instincts to ask some of the most senior members of the old, discredited regime to step aside were right. Their positions are now untenable.

Further suspensions are expected and it would seem that Mr Lewis is more than happy to maintain the high levels of brutal decision making needed to turn around the retail supertanker.

But if Mr Lewis thinks that’s the end of the matter, he is sorely mistaken.

The Serious Fraud Office will work harder than ever before to secure a successful investigation, with its own future on the line following years of botched operations, while shareholders who lost millions could inflict years of pain through the courts over the scandal.