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Coffee prices have boiled over in both New York and London, as traders worry about low global supplies of arabica coffee, the higher grade of coffee mainly produced in Latin America. Prices rose 16.8 per cent and reached 20-year highs in New York this week.

Pork Belly prices slid 6.7 per cent as an increased amount of pork came on to the market in anticipation of increased seasonal demand for bacon in the US. Prices of pork bellies rose earlier this month on concern that supplies were too low as summer approached.

Orange Juice. Record supplies from bumper crops in Florida and Brazil have seen prices fall close to last month's four-year low.

Soybeans. Robust demand boosted prices this week. The National Oilseed Processors Association in the US crushed 25.5 million bushels for soybean meal and soybean oil for the week ending 28 May, against 22.5 million bushels the week before. Copyright: IOS & Bloomberg