Companies in Brief

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Half-year to 30 June

Anglo Eastern Plantations did not pay a dividend (0.5p previously), despite reporting higher pre-tax profits of pounds 1.7m (pounds 1.2m). EPS 4p (3p).

Andaman Resources made pounds 45,000 pre-tax profit. EPS 0.18p. No dividend.

Bemrose Corporation lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 2.7m (pounds 2.5m). EPS 5.67p (7.48p). Dividend is 4.7p (4.09p).

BLP Group pre-tax profits pounds 700,000 (pounds 200,000). EPS 5.1p (LPS 2.2p). Dividend 1p.

Britannia Group made pounds 518,000 pre-tax profit (pounds 868,000 loss). EPS 1.6p (LPS 7.5p). Dividend is 0.5p.

Dinkie Heel pre-tax profit pounds 231,000 (pounds 309,000). EPS 1.35p (1.76p). Div 0.5p (same).

ISA Intl advanced to pounds 2.3m (pounds 1.95m) pre-tax profit. Dividend is 0.605p (0.5p).

IoM Steam Packet pre-tax profit pounds 1.2m (pounds 1.9m). EPS 3.48p (5.42p). Dividend is held at 1.75p.

Magnolia Group taxable loss pounds 309,000 (profit pounds 53,000). LPS 5.39p (EPS 0.92p). No dividend.

Rhino Group deepened taxable losses from pounds 263,000 to pounds 1.4m. LPS 1.21p (0.45p).

Roxboro Group pre-tax profits pounds 4.5m (pounds 3m). EPS 8.1p (5.7p). Dividend is 1.5p.

Turnpyke Group pre-tax profit pounds 16,500 (pounds 185,000 loss). EPS 0.22p (LPS 2.88p).

Wakebourne pre-tax profit pounds 1.1m (pounds 18.9m loss). EPS 3.4p (LPS 1.44p).