Companies reporting and economics diary for the week ahead

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TODAY - Economics: February consumer credit, February final M4. Finals: Blue Circle Industries, French Connection, Taylor Nelson, Ashtenne Holdings, British Regional Air, Fulmar, T&S Stores. Interims: Netcall. EGM: Charlton Athletic.

TUESDAY - Finals: Hewden Stewart, Johnston Press, Rugby Group, Selfridges, Signet Group, Clubhaus, Cussins Property Group, Hamleys, Independent Radio, Peterhouse Group, Riverview Rubber, Save Group, Scotia Holdings. Interims: Highland Distillers, Manchester United.

WEDNESDAY - Economics: Government debt/deficit under Maastricht Treaty rules. Finals: Alpha Airports, Aquarius Holdings, Barr, Bentalls, British Fittings Group, Eadie Holdings, Inch Kenneth Kajan, JBA Holdings, Jumbo International, Martin International Holdings, QS Group. Interims: McKechnie, Newcastle United, Haalstead (James). EGM: Dalkeith Inns.

THURSDAY - Finals: Science Systems.

FRIDAY: Bank Holiday