Company News in Brief

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TransAtlantic, the property and life insurance company, reported a 46 per cent rise in interim pre-tax profits to pounds 44.2m ( pounds 30.2m) and hinted at a year-end dividend rise for the first time since 1991.

Unit Group incurred pounds 1.7m ( pounds 388,000) taxable loss for the year to 31 March. LPS worsened to 29.8p (6.3p).

Six months to 30 April

CRP Leisure deepened taxable losses to pounds 145,000 ( pounds 117,000). LPS 0.91p (0.73p).

Division Group increased taxable losses to pounds 892,000 (loss pounds 10,000). LPS 2.6p (0.1p).

Half-year to 30 June

Johnson Group Cleaners slipped to pounds 8.2m ( pounds 8.7m) pre- tax profit. EPS 10.44p (11.22p). Dividend is held at 2.8p.

Reed Executive pre-tax profit pounds 2.8m ( pounds 177,000 loss). EPS 3.3p (LPS 0.9p). Dividend 1p.

Wembley announced pounds 9.7m taxable loss (profit pounds 2.6m). LPS 4.35p (EPS 0.39p).