Company News in Brief

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Nine months to 30 June

Huntingdon, the laboratory testing company, made pre- tax profits of pounds 1.3m down from the pounds 4.3m achieved last time. Earnings were 1.6p compared to 3.7p. No dividend.

Six months to 30 June

Malaya Group, the motor dealer, made pre-tax profits of pounds 503,000 up from pounds 153,000. Earnings were 0.4p (0.35p). Dividend 0.25p (nil).

Serif, the printer, made taxable loss of pounds 913,000 compared to pounds 494,000. Loss per share 1.2p (2p). No dividend.

Three months to 30 June

London Industrial, the property firm, made pounds 485,000 taxable profits up from pounds 197,000. Earnings 4.7p (3.4p).

Sea Containers, the shipping equipment leaser, made net income of dollars 10m ( pounds 6.5m) compared to dollars 10.4m ( pounds 6.7m). Earnings were 60 (39p) compared to 63 (41p).