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Interim results to 30 June

S Daniels, the food manufacturer, made a pre-tax loss of pounds 244,000 compared with a profit of pounds 25,000. Loss per share was 3p against earnings of 0.3p. No dividend.

Mayflower, the motor manufacturer, made taxable profits of pounds 3.5m compared with pounds 2.4m. Earnings were 1.4p (1.3p). Dividend 0.5p (0.45p).

Parity, the computer personnel agency formerly called Comac, made pre-tax profits of pounds 2m against pounds 200,000. EPS 3.5p (1.8p), dividend 0.75p (nil).

EFT, the asset financier, made taxable profits of pounds 1.2m ( pounds 881,000). Earnings were 2.6p (1.8p). The dividend is O52p (0.46p).

Monument Oil & Gas, the exploration company, made taxable profits of pounds 3.8m ( pounds 5.7m). EPS 0.5p (0.8p). No dividend.

Other news

Jos Holdings, the investment trust, made of pounds 942,658 for the year to 31 July compared with pounds 977,619. EPS 11.6p (same). Final dividend is 6.25p making a total of 12.25 (11.65p).

Farringford, the leisure company, made pre-tax losses of pounds 896,000 for the year to 28 February compared with a loss of pounds 655,000 previously. LPS 3.6p (2.8p). No dividend.

Starmin's company secretary, John Barlow, has resigned. He is replaced by Barry Croucher.