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Interim results to 30 June

Graham, the recently floated builders' merchant, increased taxable profits from pounds 7.3m to pounds 9.1m. Earnings per share were 5.3p (4.3p) and the maiden dividend, a third of the expected full-year total, was 1.75p.

Bridon, the wire rope maker, made taxable profits of pounds 3.3m ( pounds 1.1m). EPS 5.1p (1.6p). Dividend is 1.25p.

Delaney, the furniture maker and shopfitter, made a taxable profit of pounds 232,000 compared with a loss last time of pounds 187,000. EPS 0.2p (LPS 0.2p). No dividend.

Select Industries, the tyre maker, made a taxable loss of pounds 2.3m against a loss of pounds 889,000. Loss per share 1p (0.4p). No dividend.

Life Sciences, the laboratory equipment supplier, made pre-tax profits of pounds 13.2m ( pounds 10.3m). EPS 5p (4.4p), dividend 1.6p (1.4p).

Other news

Roxspur, the playground equipment supplier, made interim taxable profits of pounds 120,000 for the half-year to 31 May compared with a loss last time of pounds 125,000. EPS 0.4p (LPS 0.9p). No dividend.

Shorco, the construction services group, made taxable profits of pounds 306,000 in the year to 31 December ( pounds 80,000). EPS 6.6p (1.7p), dividend 2.7p (2.4p).

Fairey, the electronic engineer, has bought the US firm Imaging Technology for dollars 13.9m ( pounds 9m).

Oxford Molecular, the research company, has paid pounds 5.2m for Intelligenetics, a US firm. Oxford lost pounds 933,000 before tax in the half- year to 30 June, compared to a loss of pounds 488,000. LPS 3.5p (4.4p). No dividend.