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Burndene Investments, the caravans, hosiery, property and finance group, announced a modest decline in pre-tax profits from £5.8m to £4.5m for the year to 30 September. The group's turnover was better at £62.2m (£59m). Earnings per share fell to 2

.96p (3.73p). A 1.175p final dividend, however, increased the group's total payout for the year to 1.925p (1.75p).

Brasway, which manufactures hydraulic hoses, and fittings, lifted pre-tax profits from £420,000 to £505,000 in the six months to 31 October. The result was bolstered by a 20 per cent jump in turnover from £15.3m to £19.4m. Earnings per share grew to 0.43p (0.36p). The interim dividend is to be maintained at 0.24p.

Care UK, which designs, builds and operates retirement housing and nursing homes, reported a sharp turnaround from £7m taxable loss to £6.9m pre-tax profit for the year to 30 September, despite experiencing a 24 per cent drop in turnover from £17.6m to £13.4m. Earnings per share recovered to 2.19p (LPS 4.76p). There is no dividend.

Ewart, the property developer and leasing company, hoisted pre-tax profit from £351,000 to £511,000 in the six months to 31 October on the back of lower turnover of £2.6m (£3.3m). Earnings per slipped to 1.66p (1.86p). Dividend is lifted to 0.5p (0.4p).