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Motor World Group, the car parts and accessories maker, boosted pre- tax profits from pounds 2.3m to pounds 3.6m for the year to 31 October, its first year as a listed company. EPS 19.7p (16p). Total dividend is 7p.

Year to 30 September

Brooke Tool Engineering reduced taxable losses from pounds 4.1m to pounds 390,000. LPS was cut to 1p (9.7p). No dividend.

ML Laboratories reduced pre-tax losses to pounds 453,000 ( pounds 887,000). LPS 0.3p (3.5p). No dividend.

Six months to 30 September

Bimec Industries, the waste management and aerospace technology company and engineer, slashed taxable losses from pounds 5.3m to pounds 1.2m. LPS 1.07p (4.73p). No dividend.

Birkdale Group, the advertising and public relations firm, deepened pre-tax losses to pounds 1.5m ( pounds 494,000), hit by a 40 per cent jump in operating costs. Turnover rose to pounds 11.65m ( pounds 9.5m). LPS worsened to 4.7p (2.2p). No dividend.

New London, the oil and gas field services firm, reduced taxable losses to dollars 1.4m (dollars 4.3m). LPS 1.8p (4.7p).

Richmond Oil & Gas increased taxable losses to pounds 963,000 ( pounds 386,000). LPS worsened to 1p (0.4p). No dividend.

Wiggins Group, the property developer, reduced pre-tax losses from pounds 359,000 to pounds 84,000. LPS is cut to 0.5p (2.3p). No dividend.