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Benson Group, the general engineer, reported a sharp decline in pre-tax profits from pounds 817,000 to pounds 65,000 for the six months to 30 November. Turnover edged marginally higher to pounds 12.6m ( pounds 12.5m). It incurred a 0.04p loss per share (EPS 0.55p). Interim dividend is held at 0.1p.

Year to 31 December

Finsbury Smaller Companies Trust is paying a 1.4p final dividend, making a higher total payout of 3.2p (3p). Net asset value per share 171.4p (116.7p).

Gartmore Emerging Pacific IT's net asset value per share was more than doubled from 81.5p to 191.7p. Final dividend is 0.17p (0.15p).

Trust of Property Shares, the investment trust, lifted the dividend payout from 1.503p to 1.5785p. Net asset value per share is 106.82p.

Yeoman IT's net asset value per capital share had grown 48 per cent to 507.6p (342.7p) at the end of the year. Income shares rose to 50.7p (50.3p). Final dividend is 1.5p, making 13.4p (13.6p).

Year to 30 November

Leslie Wise Group, the ladies' clothing and knitted fabrics maker and distributor, virtually maintained pre-tax profits at pounds 2.5m. Turnover rose to pounds 49.5m ( pounds 48.7m). Earnings per share 4.74p (4.96p). Total dividend held at 4p.