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Triplex Lloyd, the industrial engineer, has sold ED Hinchliffe, the loss-making building materials group, to Norcros for a nominal amount. Hinchliffe prompted Triplex to make a profits warning in early December.

Bellwinch, the housebuilder, turned around pre-tax profits of pounds 274,000 in the six months to 31 December from a taxable loss of pounds 97,000 previously, helped by a 57 per cent rise in turnover from pounds 5.4m to pounds 8.5m. Earnings per share 0.6p (loss 0.6p). No dividend.

Pifco, the household electronics group, has increased pre-tax profits by 18 per cent to pounds 1.2m for the six months to 31 October despite suffering an 8 per cent fall in turnover to pounds 18.7m. Earnings per share 7.1p (5.9p). Dividend 1.9p (1.75p).

John Haggas, the wool and synthetic yarn spinner, lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 1.1m ( pounds 981,000) in the six months to 31 December. It maintained total sales at pounds 14.2m. Earnings per share 3.3p (3p). Interim dividend 1p.

Henderson Eurotrust has maintained the half-year dividend at 1.5p for the period to 31 January. Net asset value per share 124.3p (97.4p).

Regina, the health products group, reduced pre-tax losses from pounds 1.9m to pounds 224,000 for the year to 31 August. Loss per share cut to 0.18p (0.91p). No dividend.

River & Mercantile Smaller Companies Trust is to pay an unchanged dividend of 1.25p for the six months to 31 January. Net asset value per share 164.29p (116.75p).

Temple Bar Investment Trust has declared an 8.95p final dividend, making 13.55p (13.3p) for the year ended 31 December. Net asset value per share 371.15p (310.76p).