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Year ended 31 December

Edinburgh Oil & Gas increased pre-tax profits to pounds 161,000 ( pounds 56,000). Earnings per share were 0.93p (0.32p).

Six months to 31 December

DCS fell to pounds 41,000 ( pounds 121,000) pre- tax profit. Earnings per share were 0.61p (1.36p).

Eleco Holdings recovered from pounds 2.2m taxable loss to pounds 139,000 pre- tax profit. Earnings per share were 0.4p (LPS 7.5p).

Flogas lifted pre-tax profits to Ir pounds 3.4m (Ir pounds 3.2m). Dividend Ir3.24p (Ir2.94p).

Quayle Munro Holdings fell to pounds 323,000 ( pounds 565,000) pre-tax profit. Dividend is 3p.

Towry Law made pounds 565,000 ( pounds 42,000) pre-tax profit. EPS 1.9p (0.2p) Dividend 1.5p (1.79p).