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Aberdeen Trust, which markets and manages unit and investment funds, reported a significant rise in pre-tax profits from pounds 1.8m to pounds 3.2m in the year to 30 September. Turnover rose from pounds 11.1m to pounds 14.8m. Earnings per share are 2.36p (1.53p). Final dividend is 1p, making 1.5p (same).

Nobo Group, the office and business products maker, has more than doubled pre-tax profits to pounds 965,000 ( pounds 403,000) in the six months to 31 October. Turnover showed a modest increase from pounds 10.2m to pounds 10.6m. Earnings per share grew to 5.55p (2.05p). Interim dividend is 2p (1.5p).

Thomas French, the curtains and home accessories products maker, boosted pre-tax profits ninefold from pounds 110,000 to pounds 1.05m for the year to 30 September. Sales grew from pounds 12.8m to pounds 14.6m. Earnings per share are 4.67p (0.19p). Final dividend is 2.175p, making 3.625p (same).

Investment Company said that since interest rates began to fall when the UK left the ERM in September 1992, the asset value per share has risen by over 25 per cent. Net asset value rose to stand at 49.62p (39.48p) at the end of the six months to 30 September. Interim dividend is held at 0.5p.