Company News in Brief

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Year to 30 September

Davenport Vernon, the motor dealer, drove pre-tax profits up to pounds 2.1m ( pounds 1.6m) on sales up from pounds 114.1m to pounds 154.6m. EPS 10p (8.1p). Total dividend is 4.2p (4p).

London & Clydeside, housebuilder, lifted pre-tax profits from pounds 404,000 to pounds 742,000. EPS 5.2p (2.9p). Total dividend is 4.8p (4.5p).

RCO Holdings lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 4.8m ( pounds 4.7m) in the year to 30 September. EPS 29.67p (29.16p). Total dividend is 15.2p (13.86p).

Six months to 30 November

Beales Hunter, the electrical components and textile manufacturer, edged pre-tax profits ahead to pounds 1.42m ( pounds 1.36m). EPS 10.6p (10.4p). Dividend is 2.55p (2.45p).

Rubicon Group, the shop equipment maker, advanced pre-tax profits to pounds 1.9m ( pounds 1.2m). Turnover jumped to pounds 23.4m ( pounds 10.4m). EPS 7.8p (7.2p). Dividend is 1.8p (1.5p).


Division Group deepened pre-tax losses from pounds 107,000 to pounds 503,000 in the year to 31 October. LPS worsened to 2.1p (1p). No dividend.

Barbour Index, the information services firm, fell to pounds 2m ( pounds 2.7m) pre-tax profit in the six months to 31 October. EPS 8.1p (10.9p). Dividend is 2.7p (2.55p).

Daejan Holdings, the property group, lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 8.4m ( pounds 7.6m) in the six months to 30 September. EPS 34.85p (30.84p). Dividend is held at 12p.