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Abbey, the residential housing developer and plant hirer, boosted pre-tax profits from Ir pounds 501,000 to Ir pounds 2.65m for the six months to 31 October. Turnover rose from pounds 17.8m to pounds 18.8m. Earnings per share are 4.58p (0.43p). Interim dividend is 2p (nil).

Druck Holdings, the holding company of a group that makes electronic pressure measuring devices, advanced 19 per cent from pounds 1.75m to pounds 2.1m pre-tax profit in the six months to 30 September. Sales increased by 16 per cent to pounds 14.7m (pounds 12.7m), helped by an 18 per cent rise in group orders over the same period in the previous year. Exports accounted for three-quarters of total orders, with the US showing an 8 per cent gain and Japan a massive 240 per cent contribution. The company said both the UK and France were down marginally, but despite the general malaise in Europe, Italy and Holland held up well. Earnings per share improved to 20.8p (18p). The interim dividend is to be raised by 9 per cent to 3.7p (3.4p).

Fleming International High Income I T has held the dividend payout for the six months to 30 November at 1p. Net asset value per share is 48.5p (39.8p).

Greenwich Resources, the gold, minerals and metals exploration and production group, recovered from a pounds 697,000 taxable loss to achieve pounds 106,000 pre-tax profit for the year to 30 September, reflecting the benefits from the restructuring carried out two years ago. Income from its operations rose from pounds 28,000 to pounds 374,000. Operating costs were slashed from pounds 777,000 to pounds 285,000. Earnings per share are 0.1p (LPS 1p). No dividend.