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Birse Group, the civil engineer and property developer, sharply reduced taxable losses from pounds 18.5m to pounds 2.7m for the year to 30 April. Turnover rose to pounds 351.3m (pounds 328.4m). Loss per share was cut to 2.3p (19.4p). No dividend.

St Modwen Properties boosted pre-tax profits from pounds 1.1m to pounds 4m in the six months to 31 May as turnover soared to pounds 11m (pounds 4m). EPS jumped to 2.3p (0.6p). Dividend is 0.5p (0.3p).

Year to 31 March

John Tams, which makes and supplies tableware in earthenware and bone china, revealed lower pre-tax profits of pounds 1.45m (pounds 1.7m). EPS fell to 3.89p (4.94p). Total dividend 4.01p (4p).

Real Time Control, computer systems developer, more than doubled pre-tax profits to pounds 1.4m (pounds 492,000). Turnover advanced to pounds 8.5m (pounds 6.1m). EPS 13.3p (4.9p). Final dividend is 4p (3p).

Rexmore, the upholstery and timber supplier, climbed from pounds 1.4m taxable loss to pounds 1.5m pre-tax profit. EPS recovered to 9p (LPS 7.7p). Total dividend is 2.5p (1.75p).

Tamaris, involved in the management of care facilities for the elderly, made pounds 8,000 pre-tax profit (loss pounds 50,000). Turnover edged ahead to pounds 3.5m (pounds 3.4m). EPS recovered to 0.03p. No dividend.

Triplex Lloyd, the engineer and building products group, slumped from pounds 7.1m pre-tax profit to pounds 2.9m taxable loss. Turnover rose to pounds 169.9m (pounds 163.5m). LPS 5.6p (EPS 9.8p). The total dividend is held at 7p.