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A Kershaw & Sons, the investment company, maintained pre- tax profits at pounds 3.15m in the six months to 30 April. EPS held at 8.8p. Dividend is 9.5p (9p).

Year to 31 March

Druck Holdings, maker of pressure measuring devices, increased pre-tax profits to pounds 5.4m ( pounds 4.7m). EPS 53.7p (48.1p). Total dividend is 10.8p (10p).

Hampson Industries leapt to pounds 6m ( pounds 3.2m) pre-tax profit as turnover jumped from pounds 79.1m to pounds 91.5m. EPS 3.06p (0.96p). Total dividend is 2p (1.6p).

Jones Stroud, which makes materials for the textiles and electrical industries, made pounds 5m ( pounds 6.5m) pre-tax profit. EPS 19.12p (24.85p). Total dividend is 9p (8.8p).

Prism Leisure lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 1.85m ( pounds 1.3m). EPS 14.2p (10.4p). Total dividend is 4.8p (3.2p).

Stewart & Wight made pounds 340,000 ( pounds 372,000) pre-tax profits. EPS 294.3p (324.43p). Total dividend is held at 135p.

Year to 30 April

Barbour Index fell to pounds 2.9m ( pounds 3.4m) pre-tax profit. EPS 11.6p (13.8p). Total dividend is 8.5p (8p).

Excalibur Group, the engineer, saw taxable losses slashed from pounds 6.2m to pounds 1.6m. Loss per share 2.8p (10.5p). Total dividend is 0.65p (0.5p).

Heiton Holdings, a builders' merchant, fell to Ir pounds 733,000 (Ir pounds 1.75m) pre-tax profit. EPS Ir0.57p (Ir3.66p). Total dividend is 2p.