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Hill & Smith lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 1.7m (pounds 1.5m) in the six months to 31 March. EPS rose to 3.51p (2.99p). Dividend is held at 2.1p.

Eliza Tinsley pre-tax profits rose from pounds 713,000 to pounds 801,000 for the year to 31 March. EPS 7.18p (6.62p). Total dividend is 5.61p (5.45p).

Year to 30 April

First Technology pre-tax profits rose 76 per cent to pounds 4.1m (pounds 2.3m). EPS 17.33p (10.75p). Total dividend is 3.5p (1p).

Goode Durrant returned pounds 10.6m pre-tax profit (loss pounds 15.4m) in the absence of asset write-offs in the previous year. EPS 14.5p (LPS 31.2p). Total dividend is 6p (5.4p).

YRM deepened taxable losses to pounds 2.8m (pounds 2m). LPS 20.27p (12.58p). No dividend (0.5p).

Saville Gordon boosted pre-tax profits to pounds 5.6m (pounds 2.35m). EPS 3.9p (1.4p). Dividend 2.7p (2.2p).

Elbief slashed taxable losses from pounds 592,000 to pounds 257,000. LPS 2p (4.3p). No dividend.

Half-year to 30 June

Brown & Jackson said its fortunes had worsened as a direct result of disruption caused by recent refinancing negotiations in which its bankers threatened to withdraw lending facilities. Taxable losses were pounds 12.7m (pounds 11.4m). Sales fell to pounds 57.4m (pounds 67.3m). No dividend.

CLM Insurance Fund revealed total income of pounds 2.3m. EPS 1.01p. NAV per share 89.67p.

Waste Recycling produced higher pre-tax profits of pounds 524,000 (pounds 497,000). EPS 2.2p (2.1p).