Company News in Brief

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Electric & General Investment Company is to pay a 1.65p final dividend, increasing the total to 3.2p (3.1p) for the year to 31 May. Net asset value per share grew 14.3 per cent to 212.3p (185.8p).

John Lusty Group, the food products maker, reduced taxable loses to pounds 633,000 for the 14 months to 31 March ( pounds 2.25m for year to 31 January) on a marginal fall in turnover from pounds 8.68m to pounds 8.65m. Loss per share was cut to 1.46p (19.38p).

Forminster, which makes outerwear, reported a rise in pre-tax profits from pounds 2.2m to pounds 2.4m for the year to 30 April. Turnover increased to pounds 25.7m ( pounds 23.8m). Earnings per share were 60.5p (53.79p). Final dividend is 11.35p, making 15.98p (14.08p). Forminster plans to sub-divide its 10p ordinary shares into five new ordinary shares of 2p each to reduce the weight of the share price and increase liquidity in the market of the shares.

World Fluids Holdings, the chemicals supplier, reduced taxable losses to Ir pounds 79,000 (Ir pounds 505,500) for the year to 31 January on turnover of Ir pounds 484,000 (Ir pounds 325,000). Loss per share was cut to Ir1.12p (Ir14.8p).

Zetters Group, the football pools operator, increased pre-tax profits from pounds 880,000 to just over pounds 1m for the year to March 31. Turnover was ahead at pounds 23m ( pounds 22m). Earnings per share improved to 10.1p (8.9p). Final dividend is 4.5p, making 8.5p (8p).