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Donelon Tyson, building contractor and property developer, slumped from pounds 345,000 profit to pounds 2.6m taxable loss for the year ended 31 December. LPS 3.2p (EPS 0.8p). No dividend.

Inveresk, the paper and board maker, maintained pre-tax profits at pounds 4.5m in the six months to 4 June, checked by higher pulp prices. Interim dividend is 1.84p.

Kleen-e-ze, the catalogue retailer, achieved higher pre-tax profits of pounds 849,000 ( pounds 606,000) in the six months to 28 February. EPS 4.71p (3.17p). No dividend.

Partridge Fine Arts, a dealer in antiques and objets d'art, hammered out pre-tax profits of pounds 1.6m ( pounds 1.05m) in the six months to 30 April. EPS 5.09p (3.22p). Interim dividend is 1.4p (1.2p).

Year to 31 March

A H Ball, which lays pipelines for the utilities industry, incurred a pounds 405,000 taxable loss (profit pounds 406,000). LPS 3.87p (EPS 4.42p). Total dividend is 1p (3.2p).

Fuller Smith & Turner, the brewer, fell from pounds 8.3m to pounds 8m pre-tax profit after a pounds 306,000 loss was incurred on the sale of pubs. EPS 24.19p (23.33p). Total dividend is 7.77p (7.40p).

Jones & Shipman, the machine tool maker, deepened taxable losses to pounds 2.8m ( pounds 1.5m). LPS worsened to 14.4p (11.7p). No dividend.

OMI International, the process manufacturing engineer, reduced taxable losses from pounds 5m to pounds 100,000. EPS 0.1p (LPS 11.6p). Total dividend is 1.75p (same).

Platignum, stationery products maker, fell to pounds 212,000 ( pounds 453,000) pre-tax profit. EPS 1.09p (1.83p). Total dividend 0.53p (0.5p).

Samuel Heath & Sons, building materials and giftware maker, increased pre-tax profits to pounds 520,000 ( pounds 361,000). EPS to 11.9p (8.5p). Total dividend is 6p (5.5p).