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Intercare Group, supplier of healthcare products, declined to pounds 1.3m (pounds 1.7m) pre-tax profit in the six months to 30 April. Turnover rose to pounds 20.5m ( pounds 17.7m). Earnings per share are 3.25p (4.1p). Interim dividend is held at 0.7p.

Treatt, the essential oils and aromatic chemicals producer, lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 756,000 ( pounds 644,000) in the six months to 31 March. Turnover rose to pounds 8.1m ( pounds 7.15m). Earnings per share improved to 5.35p (4.45p).

Year ended 31 December

Beverley Group, the valves and pipe fittings maker, deepened taxable losses from pounds 276,000 to pounds 2.7m, hit by a slump in turnover to pounds 11.75m ( pounds 19.3m). Loss per share 7.63p (0.21p). No dividend.

Camellia, which has investments in tea estates, almost doubled pre-tax profits from pounds 11.5m to pounds 21.6m. Earnings per share showed a sharp rise to 268.44p (114.24p). Total dividend is 31p (29p).

Year to 31 March

Acal, the industrial controls and electronic products group, advanced from pounds 3.15m to pounds 3.65m pre-tax profit. Earnings per share are 16p (14.6p). Total dividend is 6.75p (6.3p).

Bakyrchik Gold, which is developing a gold mine in a joint venture with the Kazakhstan government, said the first gold production from the completed sulphide plant is expected this month. It incurred an initial taxable loss of dollars 635,000, with most of its cash committed to further development.

Northern Investors Company, the investment and finance business, declared a 3.5p final dividend, taking the total payout to 5p (5.5p) on pre-tax profits of pounds 249,000 ( pounds 284,000).